Copy the contents of the previous row to the next row

Sometimes when the data increases, we need to copy the contents of the previous row into the next row. This code will help you do that easily.

Option Explicit

Sub fill()

Dim r As Long, c As Integer, Lastrow As Long

With ActiveSheet

Lastrow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, "E").End(xlUp).Row

For c = 1 To 4

For r = 4 To Lastrow

If Cells(r, c) = "" Then

If Cells(r, 5) <> "" Then

Cells(r, c).Value = Cells(r - 1, c).Value

End If

End If

Next r

Next c

End With

End Sub


Copy the above code into a standard module.

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  1. Barry Fitzpatrick

    A quicker way would be to use the "Copy" method.

    E.g. to copy the previous rows into the currently selected row use:
    selection.offset(-1,0).entirerow.copy cells(selection.row,1)

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