Personal Notes or Hidden Text in a Excel Formula

You can use your personal notes in a formula to remember the details of the figures getting calculated there.

For example, if a hostel student receives $3000 as pocket money, $1000 takes as credit, incurs $500 on food and pays rent of $750 p.m for a quarter can note down these details in a formula as shown below:-

=3000+1000-500-750*3+N("My Pocket Money + Credits - Food - Qtly Room Rent")

From above formula, it gets clear that function N can be used for including notes within formula which would be hidden unless a user selects that cell and finds these notes in formula bar 🙂


    • Hey Tom,

      Pls try below formula ( just copy and paste )

      =3000+1000-500-750*3+N("My Pocket Money + Credits – Food – Qtly Room Rent")

      and let me if still you getting the #NAME error...

      many thanks
      Rishi Saw

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