Quickly sum non-contiguous cells

Sometimes you may want to calculate the sum of a group of non-continuous or non-contiguous cells.  Do you enter in each cell address like =A2+C2+G2+I2?  That can take a lot of time, if you have to add many cells.

Click the AutoSum button ?. Then click on each of the cells which you want to add, and ensure that you type in a comma to separate each cell in the formula.  So this turns out to be fast as you are clicking the cells with the mouse and pressing the comma with your other hand. So an example is =Sum(A2,C2,G2,I2)

Alternatively, you can hold down the CTRL key as you are selecting the individual cells.  You do not have to press the comma in this case.

If there are some contiguous cells in your formula, you can also drag to select them.  For e.g =sum(A2,B2:D2,H2).

Picture below shows the Autosum option in 2007 under the Home Menu.


  1. Came across this trying to troubleshoot Excel throwing errors when summing non-contiguous cells. For some reason Excel immediately raises the generic error in your formula dialog when you click the second value after a comma, or try to arrow over to a cell after the first comma. Does the same when holding Ctrl. Do you know of any options or settings that may affect this? Otherwise I may have to fully reinstall. Version is MS Excel for Office 365.

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