Shortcut Key for Merge and Center in Microsoft Excel

Merge & Center combine and center the contents of the selected cells in a new larger cell. This is a great way to create a label that spans multiple criteria. This is used to combine multiple cells into a single cell and create the main headers for reports in Microsoft Excel.

There are four options available in Merge and Center:- 1st Merge and center itself, 2nd Merge Across, 3rd Merge Cells, 4th Unmerge Cells.




Let’s see how we can use the merge and center option using a shortcut key.

Merge and Center through hot key

I have text in cell A1, and the text is too long. I need to merge A1 and the corresponding cells to show the text properly.




To merge and center –

  • Select the cells A1:J1.
  • Press the keys Alt<H<M




The data will be merged and center aligned in cells A1: J1.

This is all about the shortcut key for using the Merge and Center.

Now we will learn about that how and where you can use this option in Microsoft Excel.

Let’s take an example:-

We have a tracking report team wise in the range A1:J7. In which we have Working hour’s details, with sales and revenue date wise for 3 teams, Team A, Team B, and Team C.




You can see in the snapshotis not providing the proper information or way. To provide the proper formatting to report you have to use the option of Merge and Center for main header.

Follow below mention steps:-

  • Select the cells of Team A B1:D1.
  • Go to “Home” tab and click on “Merge & Center” from the “Alignment” group.
  • Select the cells of Team B E1:G1 and press the Key F4 on your keyboard.
    (Note: F4 key is used for repeat the previous action)
  • Select the cells of Team C H1:J1 and press the key F4 on your keyboard.




After using the Merge & Center in the main header reports bifurcation is showing properly now user can understand easily to this report.

image 48


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