Split a Cell Diagonally in Microsoft Excel 2016

Split 6
The fact is, you can’t split a cell diagonally into two in excel but you can make it look like it is split as shown in above image.

Let’s say you have conducted a survey in different areas to know the population of several age groups. In cell A1 you have written “Age Range Area”. You want Excel to split cell into two, to show “Age Range” for Column Headings and “Area” for Row Headings.

First let’s split the Cell A1 into two. Now to split a cell in half in excel 2016 we will use an excel trick. Follow the steps below:

    1. Right click on A1 and choose format cells or you can use CTRL+1  excel shortcut to format cell.

Split 5

    1. Go to the border tab and select the diagonal border line. There are two options for that. It does not split the cell but draws a diagonal line in the cell.

Split 4

    1. Hit the OK button. And it's done. But it’s not what we want to do.

lit 3

    1. Now, we need to play with text here. To separate words in excel within a cell, we use Alt+Enter Command. This excel command enters a new line within a cell.

Select A1.

Go to the formula bar and place your cursor between “Age Range” and “Area”.

Hit Alt+Enter, Repeat this until you are satisfied with the result.

Split 2

    1. To align the text to the right of the cell, add spaces before it. In our case, we add spaces before “Age Range”. And it's done.

Split 1

Now it looks good. This is a makeshift in excel to split a cell in half diagonally. You can’t actually work on both parts but visually it looks split.

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      • Always a Workaround

        I think I may have found a slightly more robust solution, depending on your goal.

        I was attempting to create the appearance of a diagonal split in order to show a fraction, like a completion percentage. This meant that I wanted both the top and bottom portions of the cell to be formulas, rather than just text. Since it appears excel does not tolerate adding multiple formulas in a single cell, I had to get creative.

        For this case, rather than using a single cell and the alt+enter trick to move the text, I used a 2x2 block of cells. In the top left cell, I entered the formula for my numerator [lets say '=SUM(A1:A10)]. In the bottom right cell, I entered the formula for my denominator ['=SUM(B1:B10)]. Then in the two remaining cells, I simply added the diagonal border as you described above, but going the opposite direction.

        The most difficult part was actually splitting the cell into four cells. I ended up having to add another row and column and then merge them all except for the one with the fraction in it.

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