How to Use the Custom Format Cell in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to use the Custom format cell option in Excel.

Custom format option lets you change the format of the number inside the cell. This is required because of excel reads date and Time as a general number.

You can access the Number option in the Home tab to change the format as shown below.

There are some shortcuts to convert a number into different formats.

Format Shortcut key
General number Ctrl + Shift + ~
Currency format Ctrl Shift $
Percentage format Ctrl Shift %
Scientific format Ctrl + Shift + ^
Date format Ctrl + Shift + #
Time format Ctrl + Shift + @
Custom formats Ctrl + 1


These are some of the format options of the number -2 in different formats.

Now there’s one more thing. Numbers represent so many values in a text as Date, Time and currency. So sometimes you need to change the format cell type to required field type using Format cell option.

Use the format cell option shown below or Ctrl + 1  keyboard shortcut  that will open a full Format cell dialog box

Changing the format you will get

As you can see from the above snapshot that the number in general representation is converted to date format.

Hope you understood how to change the format or custom format cell in Excel. Explore more articles on number representation in Excel. Please state your queries in the comment box below. We will assist you with that.

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