How to convert decimal Seconds into time format in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to convert seconds (in decimal) to Seconds (in Time format).

Excel Stores Time in General number format. So to convert the number in decimals to time format. We need to do this process using mathematical calculation.

Here we need to know that excel To convert seconds in decimal format to a proper Excel time, divide by 86400.

1 second = 1/86400 = 0.0000115741 = 0:01

Here we have some examples for explaination.

First, convert all the seconds to decimals and then convert them to Time format.

Use the formula


As you can see, we have the seconds in decimal format for the time being.

Now I will pick the values and paste them in the Column and change their cell format to Time format.

Select the cells needed to change the format of the cells.

Then Use Ctrl + 1 to open the format cell dialog box

Select the Time from category and then select the time format you wish. In this case we are considering 00:00:00(hh:mm:ss).

Click Ok

As you can see the time format for the seconds(in decimals).
You must be noticing why there is 0:00:00 in C9 cell because 86400 seconds equals one day. So time again starts from the 0:00:00. But the date will be increased by one if considered.

Hope you understood how to convert time in seconds to time in Time format. Explore more articles on Excel Date & Time. Please feel free to state your queries in the comment box below. We will assist you.

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