Conditional Formatting with formula 2016

In this article, we will learn about how to use formula in Conditional formatting option.

Conditional Formatting is used to highlight the data on the basis of some criteria. It would be difficult to see various trends just for examining your Excel worksheet. Conditional Formatting provides a way to visualize data and make worksheets easier to understand.

It allows you to apply formatting basis on the cell values such as colours, icons and data bars. For this, we will create a rule in Conditional Formatting.

Let’s use a function in Conditional Formatting
We need to highlight all the cells who have Odd(not divisible by 2) numbers.
Go to Home > Conditional formatting > New Rule
Dialog box appears where we can add formatting rules.
Click New Rule
Select Use a formula to determine which cells to format
Use the formula


Select the colour format in Preview option.
Select Ok
As you can see all the cells having odd numbers are Green in Colour.

Hope you understood how to use Conditional formatting with formulas in 2016. Explore more articles on Conditional formatting here. Please feel free to state your query in the comment box below.

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Conditional Formatting with formula 2016

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