How to Use FIND Function in Excel

The FIND function in Excel is used to find the location of specific text within a text. The FIND function return a number (which is first appearance of the searched text).
Syntax of FIND Function

=FIND(find_text, within_text, [start_num])
    • Find_text : The character or set of characters you want to find in string.


    • Within_text : The text or cell reference in which you want to find the text.


    • [start_num] : optional. The starting point of search.

FIND function example:
Just to explain FIND function better, I have prepared this data.
In Cell D2 to D4, I want to find the location of “Hero” in cell B2, “@” in cell B3 and “a” in B4, respectively.

I write this FIND formula in Cell D2 and drag it down to cell D4.


And now i have the location of the given text:


    • FIND returns first found location by default.
    • If you want second found location of text then provide start_num and it should be greater than first location of the text.


    • If the given text is not found, FIND formula will return #VALUE error.


    • FIND is case sensitive. If you need an case insentive function, use SEARCH function.


  • FIND does not support wild card characters. Use SEARCH formula if need to use wild card to find text in a string.

1. To just know if a text is present in give cell or not.

Use ISNUMBER with excel FIND function.
ISNUMBER returns true if gets input as a number.
FIND returns found location as an whole number (integer).
2. To Trim TEXT using LEFT and RIGHT

Find is excevelly used with LEFT and RIGHT functions to extract specific texts. To learn in detail see this article.
So in this article we “found” the use of FIND function.

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