SUMIF Multiple Condition in Excel 2013

In Excel, we can make so many calculations using excel SUMIF formula. In this article, we will learn Excel SUMIF function, meeting multiple criteria in Excel.


Question: I have Sales data that contains Month, Region & Sales in value. Now, what I want in Excel is to calculate the following:


  • Sales in a specific month for all the regions
  • Total Sales except a particular month
  • Sales for a specific month & region


Following is the snapshot of data:

image 1


  • To calculate Sales in a Jan month for all the regions; the formula in cell F2 is
  • =SUMIF(A2:A10,”Jan”,C2:C10)

image 2


  • To get Total Sales except a Jan month i.e. we can use SUMIF not equal to sign (<>); the formula in cell F3 is
  • =SUMIF(A2:A10,”<>Jan”,C2:C10)

image 3


  • To get Total Sales using OR criteria; the formula in cell F4 is
  • =SUMIF(A2:A10,”Feb”,C2:C10)+SUMIF(A2:A10,”Mar”,C2:C10)

image 4



  • To get Sales for a specific month & region; the formula in cell F5 is
  • {=SUM((A2:A10=”Jan”)*(B2:B10=”North”)*C2:C10)}


Note: This is an array formula. Use CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER keys together


image 5



Download-SUMIF Multiple Condition

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