Conditional Formatting to Detect Re-Occurrences

While working on Excel data, most of the times, we want to know if the duplicates are automatically highlighted so that the viewer can easily view the duplicate item & start working on it. In this article, we will use COUNTIFS formula to highlight the exact matching row.

Question): I have 3 columns data; I want to highlight the row which is exactly matching & is occurring second time. If an entry is made and all three items are the same, then I want it to be highlighted.

Following is the picture of data we have. The row# 10 is exactly matching to row# 2




To highlight the duplicate row, we need to follow the below steps:

  • Select range A2:C10
  • Press ALT + O + D to launch Conditional Formatting Rule Manager




  • Click on New Rule
  • Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”




  • In Format values; the formula is
  • =COUNTIFS($A$1:$A1,$A2,$B$1:$B1,$B2,$C$1:$C1,$C2)




  • Click on Format & select any color from Fill tab




  • Click on OK button twice
  • We will get to see the duplicate row.




  • To verify the above formula is perfectly working or not, let us change the Age in cell B8 from 27 to 25
  • Now row# 3 & 8 are both identical & conditional formatting should highlight row# 8




In this way, we can highlight the exactly matching duplicate rows in the provided data.

image 7

Download - Conditional Formatting to Detect Re-occurences - xlsx


  1. HI
    i want to override the different color filled in a row if i have other color. Like A2, A3, A4 have three different colors if i conditionally formated A1 with other color then A2, A3, A4 should not be filled with colour can this be possible .

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