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Learning MS Excel requires more skill and perseverance than any other application in MS Office. Excel offers a great way to handle massive data. It helps to organize the data in an orderly fashion and retrieve the same in different ways. It is something like a mix-match application. It is versatile and is a must for high flown data handling and structuring.
For beginners, who wish to start right from basics can opt for free online classes provided by Microsoft office. There are plenty of video tutorials that have been created by experts and rates on a 5 star basis by viewers. These classes are divided into separate topics. The topics deal from basic functions such as SUM and go onto VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables.

You could go for a class in your neighborhood or self learn from ma book, but nothing is better than learning a new skill at your leisure time right from your home when your focus is maximum and from a teacher who is available for you all the time through the internet.

For the intermediates who have basic idea on using Excel but need to learn more advanced feature, online Microsoft  excel trainings are strewn over the internet for free. There are paid courses too, but when you can get the same for free, why would you spend money?

Online trainings, seminars and tutorials

How do these online Microsoft Excel work? You need to sign up with a username and a valid email id. You will be sent course materials and videos to your email id. Or you can choose courses right from the website and start learning side by side. Some websites also provided extra ‘homework’ materials so that you can practice the functions on various different examples.

Real time trainings

There are also real-time Microsoft Excel training courses, where you sit in for the course with another tutor on the other end. You communicate with the tutor through some common interface such as instant messaging or video chat or some other interface. This requires specific timings and cannot be done at your pace. If you are not a self motivated person, this can be an answer.

Training softwares

If online learning is not your ball game, you can download softwares for Excel training purposes. These softwares come in a package that deal with all kinds of tutorials possible. Freewares and paid wares are available in plenty. Advantages are that the teaching methodology and pattern are consistent. If the pattern strikes cord with you, learning will be piece of cake.

The best way to keep you up-to-date in Excel’s functionality is with self-paced Microsoft Excel tutorial right from home.

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  1. M. Ikram H.Siddiqui

    Hi there,

    I am working on logistic profile in Retail trade company and struggling to get a Square meters space allot by the simple formula in an Excel with the help of the provided parameters [1. No of Packages 2. No of Pieces and 3. Weight].

    Can anyone will help me.


    • Hi Ikram,

      Could you please clarify your problem little bit as we are unable to understand it.

      Thanks in advance!

      Happy Learning,
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