Have Fun While Making Your Own Personalized Excel Calendar 2011

Calendar and Its Significance

It is useless to speak about the significance of calendars in our lives. Today, the world has jumped onto the latest technology- the e-calendars that have made our lives even simpler to live. Microsoft office understands the need of these calendars in our lives, and hence has come out with format to create and edit your own personalized calendars. These Microsoft office excel calendars are more than a pleasure to deal with. These calendars provide you the freedom to explore and create fresh thoughts to make your calendars more useful and attractive for you. These calendars are thoughtfully made to help the users tailor out the day-to-day needs as well as make the calendars fun to use.

How to make the 2011 excel calendar?

  1. You can create the calendar very quickly and quiet easily.
  2. For this, you should open a new worksheet or an existing worksheet.
  3. Once you do it, go to the “file” button on the top left of the page.
  4. Click on the “file” button to disclose a series of tabs opening vertically.
  5. Now, choose the “new” tab and click it once.
  6. Again, you will find out a series of tabs opening out in the new window of the excel sheet.
  7. Here, you can click the “calendar” tab and as soon as it is done, few calendar templates will enlist in the right side of the “calendar” tab.
  8. Now, click on the tab named “2011 calendar”.
  9. A new page opens out with several templates of 2011 calendar.
  10. If you click on any one of the templates at a time, you will find a preview of that calendar on the right side of the page.
  11. You may see a “download” button at the bottom right side of the preview page of the calendar.
  12. Once you select the calendar of your choice, press the download button in the bottom right side of the preview page.
  13. The calendars are stored in a template folder in the Microsoft site and are directly downloaded from the site to your computer.

An Artistic Touch with Usability Effects of Your Calendar and You

The downloaded calendar opens up in a new excel sheet of your computer which you may need to save. Now, you can personalize your calendar by colouring dates or months of your choice, entering birthdays and other important events through “insert column”. You may also hyperlink websites of your choice on specific dates of your choice to open up the websites directly from the calendar. The calendar 2011 templates come in various colours and designs. These calendars are absolutely free of cost and come with the magical touch of editing and personalizing the calendars using excel tools.

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