Highly Used Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel 2010

Shortcuts are time savers. It is pretty irritating to be interrupted by constant need to move back and forth the mouse over the menu and ribbons to look for mundane tasks of inserting tables or frequently required actions. There are over 180 shortcuts keys in Excel 2010 for easy navigation. However, not all of them are useful ones. Some of them are for highly specialized use.

Accessing the ribbon

Right from Excel 2007 where the ribbon menu was introduced, key tips were also introduced for easy navigation using Excel shortcuts. When you press ALT, the ribbon gets these alphabets corresponding to the different tabs. For example, the Home tab gets an H. When you press H, you will see the previous set of alphabets disappear and being replaced by another alphabet key tips corresponding to the sub tabs in the home tab.

You don’t have to hold down the ALT key. Just press it once and the key tips are displayed. To go back to the previous key tip, press Esc. Sometimes, for formatting the exact cell, you might need to select the cell first and then start with the key tip.

The shortcuts that begin with Ctrl key are universal and will work on Excel 2010. For example, Ctrl+v is for paste, Ctrl+n is for new workbook, Ctrl+c is for copy, Ctrl+o is for opening an .xlsx and Ctrl+s is for saving.

If you are new to key tips, then groping your way to the right menu might be irritating. Hence, here are some list of frequently used shortcut keys in excel that you might find handy.

  • Ctrl+F1 – minimizes the ribbon for more page view.
  • Alt – activates key tips
  • Properties button or Shift+F10 – brings the right click menu
  • Enter – to carry out the command

Shortcuts keys for navigating the worksheet

Most people know how to go about entering data, but do not simple keyboard shortcuts in Excel that are easy to use and time saving.

  • Alt+o+h– format worksheet
  • Alt+o+r – rename sheet
  • Alt+e+m – edit or move sheet
  • Ctrl+F9/F10/F7 – minimize/restore/move worksheet windows
  • Alt+f4 to close Excel

Entering data

  • F5 – opens ‘go to’ box
  • Ctrl+left arrow/Ctrl+right arrow – with in cell, cursor moves over one word back/forward
  • Alt+page up/Alt page down – To move to the worksheet’s to left or right
  • Shift+spacebar – selects the entire row
  • Ctrl+spacebar – Selects the entire column
  • Ctrl+Shift+* – selects area around the chosen cell
  • Ctrl+shift+home/end – selecting regions up to the beginning or end of the sheet
  • Shift+F2 – inserting or editing cell comment
  • Sgift+F10+m – to delete the comment
  • F11 – inserting chart
  • Ctrl+k – to insert hyperlink (URL)


  • Alt+= for AutoSum
  • = to insert any formula
  • Shift+F9 to make calculations of the viewing worksheet
  • F9 to make calculations of all the workbooks that are open.
  • Ctr+shift+u to hide/show formula bar

These are some of the shortcuts for Excel that can help save you time.

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