Microsoft Office 2010 Backstage- What is it?

Initially let’s know- What is Microsoft office package?

Though it is quite familiar to all- the Microsoft office package is a set of applications provided by the Microsoft to run the documentary processes on computers. It consists of the word doc, excel sheet, notepad, power point, etc. the Microsoft regularly tries to enhance these applications to make them more user friendly and convenient to use.

Talking About Microsoft Office 2010 Backstage

To know more about it, you will first need to know more about the whole concept behind Microsoft office. People in the Microsoft built the whole concept of using the Microsoft applications based on two things basically. First, the users needed to constantly work on the doc or worksheet and make direct edits on the sheets. Second, the user mostly needed to share the final docs with their clients online. Hence, based on these two concepts, the accessibility to the docs were divided into two parts, the IN process and OUT features. The IN features mostly comprises of the accessibility to the ribbon menu, something which you can directly access while your doc is open. Whereas, the OUT feature is accessible through the “office button” located in the top left side of the open doc page.  You can print, send, publish and do lots more through this OUT page. But, in recent times, the Microsoft team felt that the users are still not very aware of using the OUT button correctly. They felt that the users are “lost” while finding out a tab in the OUT button and hence, most of the features provided by the Microsoft in both the IN and OUT tab remain unexplored till date. This complication of using the tabs led to the inception of the entire concept of Microsoft office 2010 backstage.

What is Microsoft office 2010 backstage?

Under the new concept of Microsoft office 2010 backstage, when you click the “office button” a whole new page will open that contains the details about all the applications. This page ideally helps you to get your work done faster and have easy accessibility to all tabs. Details about the specific function appear when a tab is clicked. Now, you don’t have to search deep down the ribbon menu to get the much needed tab of application. Now, the Microsoft 2010 office backstage has it all assorted in a place. Just click on the tabs to start using them. Many times, you may not even require opening the docs at all and yet make the much needed changes. You can now give editing rights of the documents to users of your choice. Using the word doc and excel worksheet has now become a cake walk, all thanks to the innovative concept of Microsoft office 2010 backstage.


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