How To Create Multiple Dropdown List Without Repetition Using Named Ranges in Excel

In this article, you will learn how to create multiple drop down list without repetition using named ranges in Excel.

Question): I need help in preparing resource planning tool. I want to make a macro that would remove item from a pool of available assets after I choose it from a drop down menu for Job A; so that Job B does not able to select the same item that is selected to Job A i.e. item should not be repeated once it is assigned.


Following is a snapshot of what this article is all about:


In above snapshot;

  • There are total of 7 items in column A (Pool)
  • In column C (Job A) if an item (say item 1) is assigned then in column D (Job B) we should not be able to select item 1 again in column D.
  • To get this functionality working we have used helper Column H which will store the magic formula.

We have used following Named Ranges;

  • ItemsLeft=Sheet1!$H$2:INDEX(Sheet1!$H:$H,MATCH(REPT("z",100),Sheet1!$H:$H,1))
  • Pool=Sheet1!$A$3:INDEX(Sheet1!$A:$A,MATCH(REPT("z",100),Sheet1!$A:$A,1))
  • RowArr=IF(COUNTIF(Selected,Pool),FALSE,ROW(Pool))
  • Selected=Sheet1!$C$3:INDEX(Sheet1!$D:$D,MATCH(REPT("z",100),Sheet1!$C:$C,1))


  • Press CTRL + F3 shortcut key to create Named Ranges



  • The next step is to enter the formula in range H2:H8
  • =IFERROR(INDEX($A:$A,SMALL(RowArr,ROW($A1))),"")



  • The final step is to create Data Validation list using range H2:H8 in column C & D
  • Select range C3:D9 & press ALT + D + L
  • Select List>In Source box enter the Named Range ItemsLeft & click on Ok button



Now, you can test the above steps are working or not by assigning one item to Job A & see if the same is getting repeated in drop down list. If already assigned item is not repeated then we have successfully created multiple drop down list without any repetition.


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