How to get the Validation of Text Entries in Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will learn How to validate text entries in Microsoft Excel 2016.

Data validation tool restricts the user to input data to ensure its accuracy and consistency in Excel. It helps in the consistency of the data. It guides the user to input the type of option which is necessary for your spreadsheet.

Validation of text entries is done with the use of  ISTEXT function.

What is use of Input Message?
Input messages are generally used for giving direction to users which type of input you can inserted in a cell. This message is show near the cell if you want to move this pop up you can move it to another cell.

Following steps will be a guide, how to validate text entries:

Here we have list of Month and Week_days.

Select the cells where data validation is to be used.

Select Data > Data Validation.


In the Settings tab select “Custom” from the dropdown list of Allow, the formula tab will get active.

Write the ISTEXT function in Formula box,

= ISTEXT (B1:B9)


In Error Alert tab, Fill title and input message box and click OK as shown below.


Now when the user enters a wrong input which in the case is non-text data. The formula catches an error and our message will be displayed.

Hope you learned how to do Data Validation in Excel 2016. Excel lets you do these tool in Excel 2013 and 2010. Learn more content on Data Validation here. Please share your any unresolved query in the comment box below. We will help you.

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