Using the Validation Input Message as a Cell Comment in Microsoft Excel

The Data Validation is used for making the data error free. It is a technique in Microsoft Excel by which we can control the input by providing the drop down list to users.

What is the use of Input Message?

Input messages are generally used for giving direction to others, which type of input you can insertinto a cell. This message is shown near the cell if you want to move this pop up you can move it to another cell.

To understand: Using the validation “Input Message” as cell comment

  • Select the cell C3, Go To “Data” tab in the ribbon, click on “Data Validation” from the “Data Tools” group.


  • Select “Data Validation” from the drop down list.
  • A data Validation dialog box will appear.


  • In “Settings” tab select “List” from the “Allow”drop down list,Source tab will get active select the range A2:A13.


  • Go to “Input Message” tab, in “Input Message Box” type “Enter only the month name”, the message box will appear near to the cell.



  • Go to “Error Alert” tab and write the message in the box of “Error Message” Input Error and click on ok
  • If you will enter the number instead of month name the pop up will get to appear and give the message what you had entered in “Error Message” box.


This is the way, you can create input message as a cell comment. If user will enterin the range apart of month name, he will get the input message and would be able to enter the correct input in the range in Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013.

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