Replace text from end of a string starting from variable position

The Excel REPLACE function is used to replace a certain length of text from a given string. We define the starting position, the number of characters we want to remove and the new replacement text. In this article, we will learn how to remove/replace some text from the end of a string starting from a variable position.

Generic excel formula to remove text from variable position


string: It is the string from which you want to remove text.

text: It is the text to which you want to remove text.

Let's see an example to make things clear.

Example: Remove time text from data

In this example, we have punch time associated with day names. We want to remove time text from the data and have day names only. The time and day name is separated using a hyphen (-). This will be our anchor text.

Let's use the above generic formula to remove the variable length of characters from the end of the string.

Write this formula in C3 and drag it down.



Hit enter and drag it down. We have stripped out the time and the day is retained.

How does it work?

Let's break down the formula to understand it.

Each formula works inside out. The FIND function returns the location of the given text in a given string. The first FIND function returns the location of the hyphen (-) in every string. For the first string, it returns 8.

Next, the LEN(B3) function returns the length of the string, which is 16.

We again have a FIND function that returns the location of the hyphen in the string which is 8.

Now, the formula is =REPLACE(B3,8,16-8+1,""), which is =REPLACE(B3,8,9,""). It means we need to remove 9 characters from the 8th position in the string of B3

Now the formula is =REPLACE(B3,8,9,""). As we know that the REPLACE function replaces n number of characters from a starting position with another text. Here, the text is in B3, starting position is 8, the number of characters we figured out is 9 with the help of LEN and FIND function, and the replacing character is nothing (""). Hence the REPLACE function removes 9 characters from the end of the string, which leaves us with day name only.


  • If the given character is not found, the function will return #VALUE error. It is better to use the IFERROR function to catch errors.
  • The FIND function is a case sensitive function. If you want to do a case-insensitive search then use the SEARCH function.
  • In the above formula, we have used a hyphen (-) to find the number of characters. You can use any character/s to do so, it can be a colon in excel or any text.

So yeah guys, this is how you can remove a variable length of text from the beginning of the string. I hope it was explanatory. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or any other Excel/2010/2013/2016/2019/365/VBA. We will be happy to help you.

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