Finding & Replacing in a Single Sheet or in All Sheets in Excel

You can find specific text, numbers, and formulas in current worksheet and all worksheet of a workbook by using the key “CTRL + F”. You can replace text, formulas, and numbers by using the key “CTRL + H” in Microsoft Excel.
Find by using the key “CTRL + F”

  • In workbook press key “CTRL + F”, “FIND and REPLACE” dialog will appear.


  • Type “Texas” in the type box of “FIND WHAT”. Then click on “Options>>” button hidden tabs will get appear.
  • Drag down to below line by hold the pointer of “Mouse” and click on the button “FIND ALL”.


  • To find the text in the worksheet, select workbook from the drop down list in “WITHIN” tab then click on “FIND ALL”.


Replace by using the key “CTRL + H”

  • In workbook press key “CTRL + H” ,“FIND and REPLACE” dialog box will appear.
  • In which you have to define “FIND WHAT” and “REPLACE WITH”.


  • Let’s say you want to replace to “New York” with “Washington”
  • So write the “New York” in “Find what” box and “Washington” in “Replace with” box. Click on “Replace All”.
  • You will get a message box which will inform you how many words you made replaced.
  • Click on ok of message box.


  • Close the Find and Replace dialog box.

This way you can find and replace in Microsoft Excel by the using the key Ctrl+F to find and Ctrl+H to replace text, numbers etc.

Users are saying about us...

  1. Your Note :The Ctrl+F keyboard combination does not work in Excel 97 version. Is Incorrect. It does work in Excel 97, exactly as described. Grtz,jk.

  2. Well, Is it possible to create a search box in one of the sheets, which let the user enter a keyword to search within the workbook (entire workbook / all sheets) and if there is a match, it will take the user to the matched cell, if not, then it will display some message. I think this is possible but i do not know how.. advantage of this would be working multi-version search box, which benifits us all.

  3. "From sheet tab short cut menu I'm not able to choose ""Select all sheets"" but just to move from one sheet to another. I'm working on a excel 97. Does anyone has any hint for me?
    Thanks in advance,

  4. You can select all sheet by right click on the sheet tab which is at the bottom of the screen, and select "Select All" or something like that, this was on Excel 97 machine so I am pretty sure you have that too. If this dont work, try go to edit menu? My friend has Office 97 and his excel has this function, yours will have one too I am sure.

  5. Yeah something like VB Code or some kindda script, I personally dont know how to code this, would anyone be kinda enough to share us their piece of knowledge in how this can be achieved or even upload / paste the code how this could be done, cheers Your help will be useful to our enormous online comunity.

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