How to Delete Drop Down List in Microsoft Excel

In this article, you will learn how to delete drop down list.

The dropdown list is used to restrict the user to input data and gives the option to select from the list. We need to delete or remove the Dropdown list as the user will able to input any data instead of choosing from a list.

To delete or remove already existed dropdown list. Just follow the simple steps as shown below.

Using Data validation option we can remove the dropdown list

Let’s see an example here

We have a dropdown list here

Select the cell where you wish to remove dropdown list.


Go to Data > Data Validation

    1. Select Clear All option in the Data Validation dialog box and Click OK. 



Now it's just the text written in that cell. You can edit that cell as dropdown list is removed.

You will see that the dropdown list is removed from the cell.

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Hope you learned how to remove a dropdown list in Excel. Please state your query regarding this article. We are here to help you.


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