How to Create Drop Down List with Color in Excel

In this article, we will learn how to create a Dropdown list with color in Microsoft Excel.
Drop down list limits the user to choose a value from the list provided instead of adding values in sheet.

We will be using Conditional Formatting and Data Validation options.
First, let’s understand how to make a dropdown list in Excel with an example here

pasted image 0 (16)

Here is a list of three colours Red, Green and Blue. We need that the user has to select from this list.

Click Data > Data Validation option in Excel 2016

unnamed (6)

Data Validation dialog box appears as shown above.

pasted image 0 (17)

Select the option List in Allow and select the source list in Source option and click OK.

A dropdown list will be created on the cell.

pasted image 0 (18)

Now click Home > Conditional formatting. Select New rule from the list and a dialog box will appear.

pasted image 0 (19)

Select Specific Text option and select the cell for colour as in this case Red.

Select Format > Fill option. Select the Red colour and click OK.

pasted image 0 (20)

Repeat the process for all the options like Green and Blue and your list will be shown like in below snapshot.

pasted image 0 (21)

Drop down list and Conditional formatting tools are very useful in Excel 2016, to view your data in a particular format manner. You can create a dropdown list in google sheets using the same method.


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  1. Thanks a lot for the instruction. Can I ask how do I delete selected items in the cell? It seems like I can add onto the selection but cannot edit..


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