Excel Sum Only Positive Numbers

In this article, you will learn how to sum only unique positive values in Excel.


Question: I am working on importing Excel file which contains text, negative values, positive values or any errors.


  • I want to sum unique positive values from data
  • The formula should ignore any text, negative values or any error & return the sum of positive values.
  • Example: If positive values are 1,1,5,5 & 10 then the result would be 16 i.e. (1+5+10)


The positive values have been highlighted in green color. Following is the snapshot of data:



  • In cell E2, the formula would be {=SUM(IF(ISNUMBER(A1:C13),IF(A1:C13>0,A1:C13/COUNTIF(A1:C13,A1:C13))))}

Note: This is an array formula. Hence, use CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER shortcut keys together.



The above formula will add only the unique positive numbers.

In this way we can add unique positive values with combination of SUM, IF, ISNUMBER & COUNTIF functions.

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