How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will learn how we can prepare a Pie chart in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Pie Chart: - This chart is used to show the proportion of the whole. Use it when numbers are equal to 100% and the chart contains only few pie slices (many slices make the angels hard to estimate).

This pie chart contains the three type of charts in which 1st is 2D Pie Chart , 2nd is 3D Pie chart and 3rd is Doughnut Pie chart.
Let’s take an example &understand.

We have a table from Range “A6 to B11”, which is having Zone & Sold unit with total sold unit. Column A contains the Zone Name, Column B Sold, & cell B11 is having total sold unit. We have another table of Targets & Require sold unit per zone.
To prepare the Pie chart, follow below mentioned steps:-

  • Select the range “A7 to B11”.
  • Go to the Insert tab, and Select 3D Pie Chart from the Chart Group.
  • Then click the first Pie option at the top left.


  • The chart will show the heading from the number column as a chart title, and a legend with the text descriptions (if your data includes those).

Move the Chart:-

  • To move the chart, just click and hold the mouse pointer on the chart, then drag it and release the pointer.

Resize the Chart:-

  • Point the one of the dotted handles on the border of the chart where the pointer will change to a two headed arrow.
  • Then drag the handle in or out to change its size.

Add labels to the Chart:-

  • To add labels to the chart, just right click on chart with the mouse, and a pop up will appear.


  • Click on Add labels.

To Delete the legend, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • To delete the legend, click on legend and then right click with the mouse. A popup will appear.


  • Click on Delete.

Note:- If you having the option of choosing a different chart type then, consider making a Bar chart or Column chart instead of Pie chart. You can use these charts as alternative as they are easier to compare the values.

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