How to create Radio buttons in MS-Excel

Option button or Radio button is used to choose the predefined option from the multiple options.

For example: Male or Female?  English or Hindi? Yes or No? Or more options. Those are optional from which we have to select only one option.

You can find the Option button by following below steps:

Developer tab > Controls > Insert > Option button.

There will be 2 type of option buttons

1). Option Button (Form Control)

2). Option Button (ActiveX Control)


How to create Radio button by using Option Button?

Let’s say, you need to create optional answers and you have 4 options. In which you are doing survey for Microsoft Excel versions.

image 1


As you can see in the above Image 1, you’ll get the same answer which you’ve selected in the options.

To create option buttons follow below given steps:-

  • Go to Developer tab > Controls group > Insert
  • From the “Form Control” select option button
  • Drag it on the sheet

image 3


  • Copy this option button and paste it 4 times

image 4


  • Change the name of every option buttons and name it as below

image 5


  • Select any option button and right click with the mouse and select format control

image 6


  • Format Object dialog box will appear > In the cell link > select any cell in the sheet

image 7


  • Click on OK
  • When you will select any option linked cell number will get change according to the selection

image 8


  • Enter the formula in cell D18, to check which option user has opted
  • =IF(E1=5,"MS Excel 2007 Version",IF(E1=6,"MS Excel 2010 Version",IF(E1=7,"MS Excel 2013 Version","All Version")))
  • Press Enter

image 9


Now, whatever option you will select it will capture in the answer cell. You can format this page accordingly.


image 48

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  1. Dilip Kumar Ghosh

    if possible please attached the excel sheet for (when i search by code no then show one by one) your demo sheet only show one no.

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