How to Create Notifications using Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel

I missed to pay my Cell Phone, Internet bill on time. In case you have came across with this problem then this article is for you.

  • In this article, you will learn how to create notification or alert in excel
  • Formula should check each cell in Due Date column & automatically update the user if the due date has passed or 7 days from expiration.

In this example, we will use AND, TODAY functions in Conditional Formatting.

Let us take an example:

We have bills in column A & due date in column B.


  • The first step is to select the cells that you want to apply the conditional formatting.
  • Click on Home tab
  • From Styles group, click on Conditional Formatting

Select New Rule


  • The New Formatting Rule dialog box will appear


  • Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”


  • Enter the formula as =AND(B2<>"",B2<TODAY()+7)

Note: Today’s date in above formula is 27-Jan-15


  • Click on Format & select the color & click on OK button twice.
  • The conditional formatting will get applied refer below snapshot:


In this way you can highlight the due dates cells which are expired & 7 days left for passing the due date.

With above example, you can create various notifications or alert depending on the requirement.


  1. Hello, and thank you for your page. I have followed the process to the T, but it doesn't highlight anything. Any suggestions?

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