How To Create Custom Error Bars In Excel 2016

In this article, we will learn where to find and how to add and customize Error bars in Excel 2016.

Error bars are used in charts to show errors as custom values. Error bars in charts are used to show data variability.

All of the above might be confusing for some people, so let’s gear up & start learning Error bars in Excel 2016 with the example.

Here we have sales values corresponding to the months of the year.
First, we need to make a chart out of it.
So, for that select the data and Go to Insert > Charts
You can select any chart from the chart option. But here for an explanation, we will consider 2-D Column chart
Select your style and colour of your chart following the steps shown in the snapshot below.
Now We need to add error bars. To add error bars move your mouse pointer on the +symbol on the top right of your chart.
Select the standard Error option and customize it using the Format Error bar option.
Select the desired option and it will display error bars on your chart.

Customize Error bar of the chart by Double click on any of the error bar will open Format Error Bars on right side of your sheet.

Note: Double click on the chart will open Format Chart on right side of your sheet.

Select the type of customization and Error Amount method.

Here we will select the percentage of 10% for both plus and minus. So it will show that on your chart.
The chart shows the 10% variability in the Sales of the Months.

Hope you understood how to insert error bars and customize it in Excel 2016. Find more articles on Charts and Graphs. Please share your query below in the comment box. We will assist you.

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