Pie Charts bring in Best Presentation for Growth

In this article, we are going to learn how Pie charts bring in the best presentation for growth in Microsoft Excel.

Pie charts give a better explanation of values so that you can use the chart for official presentation for impressing your clients. It is very easy to prepare pie charts excel. You need the values and percentages so as to create pie charts.

Knowing to create pie charts in Excel

First you draw a table of various products, for instance the various kinds of baby toilet products. You write down the quantity of each and also find out the percentage of each and jot it down. Then you have to convert the figures into pie chart onto the Excel sheet.

image 1


First you have to select the first two rows which show the names of the products and the quantity.

Follow below steps to create the Pie chart:-

  • Select the data range.

image 2


  • Go Insert tab > Under the Charts group>Click on Pie chart option

image 3


  • From the drop down list select 2D Pie chart.

image 4


There are many options which will help you spice up the chart. Remember your presentation should have the desired impact on your clients. Therefore, you have to create a chart that is impressive and very presentable.

To make a pie chart in excel, it takes only ew processes. If you follow those processes, it will be easy for you to create the chart without any problem.

Note:- Sometimes, 3D presentation can be very distracting. Do not distort the whole information by using the 3D effect. This will only manipulate information.

For Example:- See below image

image 5


Remember, it is easy to make excel pie charts if you know how to do it. When it comes to showing relative proportions of numbers then a pie chart is good. Creating pie charts in Excel can be easy but you need the data that will aid you in creating the chart, ultimately. Suppose, in many cases, it is found that the percentage for certain quantity is too small and in that case, it is really hard to display the figures on graphs or bar charts. But pie charts are quite useful in showing small wedges.

image 6


Remember, with pie charts, you cannot show any progress towards a particular goal. The entire pie chart is 100 percent and therefore you will be able to show the percentages of productions of the various products in a day as in percentages –if 24 hours are considered as 100 %.

In case you want to compare two proportions, then a pie chart is not the suitable option –since proportions in comparison cannot be displayed better using pie charts. You can do a lot of things like slicing, moving and sizing with Excel features.

Hence, it can be said that pie charts are really easy to create if you know how to do it.


image 48


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