Pie Charts bring in Best Presentation for Growth

A bar of pie chart is a type of pie chart that has a bar attached to it. This bar expands a group of values that can't be shown on the same pie chart.

Pie charts

As we know that a pie chart is good for showing how much is something part of a whole. But with too many categories or participants, the pie chart gets confusing. We combine the smaller slices of pie chart into and show it as a whole pie chart, by default named other. To see who or what is the part of this other slice of pie chart, we use the bar of pie chart. This bar contains all the members of other groups and shows how that other group is created.

Before we delve into how to add parts to the bar in the pie chart, let's create one.

Creating and Customizing a Bar of Pie Chart in Excel

Here, I have data of covid 19 cases by continent in a table. The situation is bad. I want to show America and Europe separately on the chart and all other continents into 1 group. For that I will use a Bar of Pie Chart type. So, to insert a bar pie chart in Excel, follow this tutorial:

Select the table. Go to the Insert tab of ribbon. Now from chart groups click on pie charts. Here you will find the bar of pie charts.

This will insert a bar chart and pie chart together. That makes no sense at first glance.

So if you see, currently this chart shows Africa, America, Asia and Ociania as whole in pie chart but it takes our Europe out. We don't want it. We want Europe and America in the pie chart separately as they have most cases and of the continents in others slice of pie.

How to Add Slices of Pie to the Bar of Pie (or Pie of Pie)?

To customize this bar of pie chart follow these steps:

Right click on any slice of pie chart and click on Format Data Series option. This will open a slide on the right of the excel screen. Click on the Series option. You will have the below options available to you.

In Split Series By drop down select custom. Now double click on the bar chart (or any slice that you want to move to the other part of the chart). This will make one more option visible. The option of Points Belongs To.

It shows, to which part of the chart the currently selected option point belongs too. In our case currently the selected point is Europe. Which belongs to the second plot.

To move the selected point to other plot of the chart, click on the drop down and select the first plot.

Do this for every point you want to move from one plot to another. Here I want Asia, Africa and Ociania into the second plot. So I move them one by one to second plot using the step above. And finally I will have this.

Now it looks cleaner.

Let's add the data labels to show percentage. Click on the plus sign on the left of the selected chart. Check the Data labels option.

It shows the numbers but we want percentages to be shown on the bar and pie chart with the continent name.

To do so, click on the data labels and go to labels of the formatting option. Here check percentage and series name and uncheck the value.


Now to show decimal points, move down in the same pane and expand numbers option. Here, in category, select percentages. In decimal places, select 1.

Now we don't need the legends so delete them.

The data labels of pie and bar chart are too dim to see. So make them bold bigger and brighter.

If you want to take out the other slice of pie chart a little out, you can just increase the explosion from the series option. Just select the other slice by double clicking on it. Go to formatting and increase the explosion.

If you want to increase the size of the column in the pie chart, you can do that too here by increasing or decreasing the plot size of the second plot.

Name the chart title properly.

And we have our bar of pie charts ready.

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