SUMIF Using Text Criteria & Wildcards in Microsoft Excel

To calculate the total of the values for some codes, we can use SUMIF function with wildcards to find the output.

Let us understand with an example:

In column A, we have some codes starting from similar pattern & then assign unique code to each cell. We want a formula to derive the sum based on the codes from values in column B.

In above snapshot, we want to calculate the total of first three codes & last three codes.

Here, you can see that there is some similarity in every code i.e. “123abc” after that the number is assigned to make code unique.

To find the total of first three numbers, the formula would be =SUMIF(A2:A8,"123abc1*",B2:B8)


To get the total for the last 3 codes, the formula would be =SUMIF(A2:A8,"123abc2*",B2:B8)


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