A Detail on Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft excel viewer gives you the opportunity to not only open but view and also print Excel workbook, even if you do not have Excel installed in your computer. The best part is that suppose you have some data stored in Excel workbook, then with Microsoft office excel viewer you can copy data from that particular excel viewer for copying on another program.

The Use of Microsoft excel viewer

Down load excel viewer and you will be able to derive the benefits of viewing and also printing the different versions of Microsoft Excel. The ms excel viewer is a small and freely distributable program that actually helps you to view and print the versions of Microsoft excel.

The Microsoft excel viewer 2010 is the latest version. The best part is that it provides the function of reading Excel 2007 and 2010 and also the details of file formatting. Besides, it can also replace ms excel viewer 2003.

It is not always necessary to download Excel viewer so as to view the Excel 2010 files. Besides, you should make use of the Excel web app instead. Remember you will no longer find Excel viewer 2003 since it has been replaced solely by Excel viewer.

The operating system that will support the functions of Excel viewer includes windows vista, Windows server 2003, Windows 7, windows XP, windows server 2008. Remember you will get the Excel viewer only in 32-bit application and use the same on 64-bit version on any Windows.

There is a particular website, from where you will get the Microsoft excel viewer download free. Free excel download helps you use the excel viewer any time you want. To run the Excel viewer first you have to go to the ‘start’ menu and then to ‘program’. Then you click ‘Microsoft office Excel viewer’.

The best part of Excel viewer is that it can read the workbooks of Excel 2010. You will not see sparklines in Excel viewer. The cells where sparklines are located will look blank in the eyes. However, there are certain terms of Excel viewer 2003 under the license agreement. You can install the software for various functions.

The software is used to view and also screen print documents that are created with Microsoft office software. But you have to remember that you cannot use the software for any other purposes. Therefore it can be said that the viewer has certain limited functions that you have to know and use the viewer for those certain purposes.

Hence, you can say that Microsoft excel viewer has many functions and use the software when excel is not installed in your computer. This can solve the problem of copying and editing the excel workbooks.


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