Doc to Pdf with the In-house Pdf/XPS Converter in MS Word 2010

Portable file document or .pdf format is a great way to share documents whose content you do not want anybody to change. They are also printer friendly and maintain the integrity of the formatting. Prior to the MS office 2007, a third party pdf converter was required to save to pdf. Consequently, most of the shareware (free wares) caused lowering of the resolution and the file upon printing looked degraded.

This third party pdf converter problem was solved in the 2007 and 2010 versions where an in-house save as a pdf option was introduced in the ‘file’ tab (the Microsoft logo).

Using the Microsoft Word save as pdf Option

Prepping your .doc file before you give the save as pdf command is important.  The importance is same as you would have for a file that is going for printing. Any mistakes and goof ups, they are going to show up blatantly in your document. Hence, before you convert the file, make sure it is free of errors and print ready.

XPS is the Microsoft’s version of Pdf. PDF is Adobe’s file format. A file can be changed to any of these two formats right from MS office’s applications such as Word, Excel, One Note, etc.

To change in MS Word, click on file and then Save As. A dialog box opens in which the file’s name is to be entered. Once that is done, click on Save as type and a drop down menu lists. In that menu, select the ‘*.pdf’ option. Now, there are two more options you need to choose. To open the file after converting, select the ‘open file after publishing’.
The second option you need to regulate is the size of file (in KB and MB). As said earlier, changing the format can degrade the quality of print. if you want a high print quality .pdf, check the option Standard. Else, if you want to simply send the content in a non-modifiable format and is OK is gets printed in low resolution, then select Minimise size.

Converting Pdf to Doc

In word, save as pdf gave you a way to bypass third party software usage, but when it comes to reconverting the pdf to doc format, Word offers no help. For such a case, you might have to download some freeware or paid software, which does .pdf to .doc. another way is to edit your work in the original .doc file and convert the edited file to .pdf.

Attaching .doc as .pdf email attachment

Another feather in Microsoft’s hat. This is the most direct way of attaching your .doc files to your email. To do that, click on File ?Send OR Share ? Email as PDF attachment OR Send using email ? Send as PDF.

Now you know how to save as pdf and send it as email too!


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