How To Plot X Vs Y Data Points In Excel

In this article, we will learn How To Plot X Vs Y Data Points In Excel.


Excel to plot XY graph, also known as scatter chart or XY chart. With such charts, we can directly view trends and correlations between the two variables in our diagram. In this tutorial, we will learn how to plot the X vs. Y plots, add axis labels, data labels, and many other useful tips.

Scatter plot in Excel

Use the Scatter chart when you want to show relation between two or more variables. The scatter chart can help you learn the impact of one variable on other variables. We can visually see the correlation between two or more factors of data gathered. We can add trendlines to estimate future values.

Example :

All of these might be confusing to understand. Let's understand how to use the function using an example. Here we have data and we need to plot X vs Y plot. We need to see how add cost impacts the sales. To do this we can do several analysis tasks but here we will just create scatter plots in excel.

To make scatter plots in excel, follow these steps.

Select the two variables data. Here it is Ad Cost and Sales. We will  select range B1:C13.

Go to insert > Charts > Scattered > Select Scatter

And the chart is ready.

Edit Axis Titles to Scatter Plot

This chart shows sales in relation to Y axis. But wait a minute we can’t see axis labels. To add axis labels, follow these steps.

Select the scatter plot.

Go to Design Tab.

Go to Add Chart Element.

Click on Axis Titles.

Select Primary Horizontal and Primary Vertical, one by one.

Now rename them Ad Cost and Sales.

Now it is more readable. Now let’s add a trendline to this scatter plot.

How to add Trendlines in Scatter Chart?

To add a trendline to the graph, follow these steps.

  1. Select the scatter plot.
  2. Go to Design Tab.
  3. Click on add chart elements.
  4. In the bottom, click on the trendline.

  1. Click on Linear.

We have our trendline added. 

Scatter Chart useful designs

Go to designs.

In charts styles, select the chart style

You can change the intercept in the scatter chart if you want. Above the Display equation on the chart, you can see an option of Set Intercept. Check that to manually set intercept. 

Here are all the observational notes using the formula in Excel
Notes :

  1. You can add equations to the plot. Also add intercept and slope to the equation to make it more understandable.
  2. Learn more about scatter plot and different other plots in excel.

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