Highlight Cells Tomorrow Excluding Weekend

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How to highlight cells tomorrow excluding weekend through Conditional formatting?

I have dates entered manually down the C column and i use the standard highlight rule to color the cells i.e. today. Tomorrow and Yesterday. Now my issue is come Friday in the week I wish to have Mondays date highlighted as Tomorrow so it has excluded the weekend. The standard conditional formatting for when date occurs won’t work in this instance and I have tried at least 20 formulas from forums etc.
What am I doing wrong? Or is there a simpler way? I just wish it to not count any weekends and make Friday 1 and Monday the day after so it will highlight as if it was tomorrow.

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To resolve this problem, Our Expert has used the combinations of formulas:- “TODAY”, “WORKDAY” and “IF” functions.

“TODAY” function will help to return the today date.

“IF” function will help to check the condition and then will perform accordingly.

“WORKDAY” function will help to return the serial number of the date before or after a specified number of workdays.

To highlight the tomorrow date we will use the combination of formula in conditional formatting option, follow below given steps:-

  • Go to Home tab, select “Conditional Formatting” under the Styles group and select “New Rule”.

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  • Select the range of Date.
  • “New Formatting Rule” dialog box will get appear.
  • Click on “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”.
  • Then enter the formula:- =IF(TODAY()+1=WORKDAY(B2,0,2),TODAY()+1,"")


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  • Tomorrow date will get highlighted, but if there is weekend tomorrow then it will not be highlighted.

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