Highlight the Top 10 Sales through Conditional Formatting

Question asked by user @ Excel forum:-

How to highlight the top 10 sales through Conditional Formatting?

I have a list of sales in which I have sales amount. I want to highlight the top sales on the basis of sales amount, how I can do it through "Conditional Formatting".

image 1


Follow below given steps to highlight the top 10 sales:-

  • Select the range A2:B21 & press ALT + O + D shortcut key to open Conditional Formatting Rules Manager.

image 2


  • Click on New Rule; New Formatting Rule window will appear

image 3


  • Select “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”
  • In “Format values where this formula is true” enter the following formula
  • =$B2>=LARGE($B$2:$B$21,10)

image 4


  • Click on Format & pick the color of your choice.
  • Click on Ok button twice you will see Conditional Formatting gets applied on the selected range of cells refer below snapshot

image 5

In this way we can highlight top 10 or any value from large amount of data using conditional formatting feature of excel.


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