Excel 2010 Macros- What is the deal with it?

What are macros?

Working with the spreadsheets can be headache at times, especially when the same data are to be entered in the same manner time and again. Hence, Microsoft has come up with the concept of “macros”. The macros are commands that record the actions of the “mouse” clicks as well as the keystrokes. So, whenever the next time you tend to repeat your actions on the page or any other page in the worksheet, the macros cut down the burden from you and allow you to complete the work faster.

Macros and Their Features

The macros need to be recorded in the first place in order to repeat the commands. They run their tasks through the series of codes allotted to them. If you are over with one worksheet and no longer want to use the same commands on other spreadsheets, you can always customize or completely delete the previous macros in the computer.

Steps to Be Followed To Either Create Macros in the Excel 2010

  • Open an existing or new spreadsheet in your computer.
  • Now, click on the “view” tab on the ribbon menu in the top right of the page.
  • You will find the “macros” button in the extreme right side of the page under the “view” section.
  • Now, if you click on the “macros” tab once, you can find the various options to choose from, such as view macros, record macros, etc.
  • Click on to “record macros” to open a dialogue box.
  • You will have to describe the details about the required macros in the dialogue box for the macros to perform tasks.
  • You can also define shortcut keys for the macros, if required.
  • The name of the macros must be started with a letter at the initial stage at all cost.
  • Later, the name can precede with numbers, underscore, characters and letters if required.
  • Now, click the “OK” button in the dialogue box to record the macros and close the dialogue box. Now, you are free to use the worksheet with the active macros on it.
  • Once all the works are done on the sheet and you no longer need the macros for future use, you can stop the macros from working by clicking on the “stop recording” button located under the “macros” button in the “view” section of the worksheet.
  • The excel sheet keeps your defined “macros” recorded in the database, which can be further used through the dialogue box itself. This again saves considerable amount of time of the user and makes the works on excel 2010 sheet or lower versions easier. The prerecorded macros can also be run by either entering the shortcut keys assigned to them previously or else by installing the macros in the “quick access view” and selecting them by a single press of a button.

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