Go Abreast on Conditional Formatting and its Details

Conditional formatting is defined as a tool that is used to apply formats to a cell or range of cells. Now the formatting can change depending upon the value of that cell or the conditional formatting formula. Remember you can change a cell into bold if the value in that cell is higher than 100. Now value of the cell can be equal to format conditioning, in that case the format is applied in that cell. But sometimes value of the cell is not equal to formatting and in that case the default formatting is used and also applied.

Conditional formatting Access- how it helps?

For applying formatting to a cell you have to follow a few simple processes. First you select the range of cells where you want to apply the format. Then you select CF dialog box available in the dialog menu.

Then you have to select the operation. Once it is done you have to enter the value for that particular condition. Then click the ‘format’ button seen on the dialog box. Your job is done. Conditional formatting access is used when there is more than one or many format conditioning for any cell.

In case of many conditional formatting, the first one is selected only if it is true. You can access conditional formatting if there are more than one format conditions or multiple conditioning formatting available for a cell. Remember conditions can never combine.

Conditional formatting formula is used to determine if the format conditions should be used or not. You can also use custom formula for a cell. To enter your custom formula, you have to change the ‘cell value is’ to ‘formula is’ in the CF box. A text box will appear where you have to enter the formula. Now your formula will show either of the options, true or false. In case of true, the format condition will be applied.

Conditional formatting can also be done based on other cells. There is a certain process that you have to follow for using conditional formatting that is based on other cells. For excel conditional formatting dates, you have to use the Date function use the table of dates that will be available from another sheet. This will help in conditional formatting dates.

Word conditional formatting is possible when a condition is met. In this case it is possible to format a word table cell especially when a condition is met. You should know that pivot table conditional formatting is possible with VB that is visual basic. XSL conditional formatting follows a series of processes and you have to know it if you want to use the extension xsl for conditional formatting.

Hence it can be said that conditional formatting includes a lot of features which you have to know so as to use conditional formatting.

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