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How to insert a Bullet symbol into a Cell?

When my supervisor creates spread sheets and sends them to me some of the cells have a little black dot at the beginning of the cell. It is right at the beginning and not a perfect circle and it is touching the left line of the cell.... what it is... more importantly... How do I get rid of them?

In Excel we have so many bullet types, so we will understand with the simple example:-

To insert the bullet points in Excel follow below given steps:-

  • Select the cell in Excel.
  • Press the Key Alt+0149 on your keyboard.

Note: - This shortcut will work when you press the number on number keyboard not to top of the keyboard. And if you are using laptop then you have to use special key to activate the number keypad section on your keyboard.

Bullets and Numbering Command

If you want to add the notes to an Excel worksheet, so you can insert the Text box to write the text.

To insert the Text box and bullet follow below given steps:-

  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • In the Text group click on Text Box.

image 1


  • The pointer to the mouse will get change.
  • Hold the mouse pointer and drag it.
  • Text box will be created.

image 2


To insert the bullet in text box follow below given steps:-

  • Right click with the mouse in the text box.
  • You will get a pop up.
  • Just click on bullet.
  • Select bullet from bulleted list in Excel.
  • Bullet will get inserted.

image 3


This is the way to add the bullets in cell and text box in Microsoft Excel.

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