Converting Month Name to a Number in Microsoft Excel

In this article, we will learn how to convert the month name to a number in Microsoft Excel 2010.

While preparing reports there could be a requirement to convert a column that holds the name of the month (January, February, etc) into a number (1, 2).

Let us understand with an example:

    • Column A contains Months Jan, Feb, Mar, till Dec.
    • We want to convert the Months to a Number. i.e. Jan=1, Feb =2 & so on as shown below which has been input manually.




We can use a combination of MONTH & DATEVALUE functions to get result.


    • We can use the following formula in cell B2& then copy down to B3:B13 as shown in the below picture to get the output
    • In cell B2=MONTH(DATEVALUE(A2&"1"))




    • The DateValue formula will convert the Month say Jan to 41640. If we format the number 41640 to Date Format, it will return 1/1/2014




  • Enclosing the Date value formula for the Month Formula will convert the number 41640 to 1.
  • Thus, we get the required output.


In this way, we can convert the name of the month to the number of the month.

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  1. I typed formula =DATEVALUE(C1&"1") it gives me date 01-04-2001 for April. how to change it to give the year 2019(01-04-2019) instead of 2001

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