The blue boxes represents 11th classes's statistics in all three subjects. The orange boxes are for 12th class to show the same statistics.


Benefits of Boxplot or Box and Whiskers chart:


  1. In one figure, it represents five statistics. Mean, median, Quartiles, Max and minimum values of a data set.
  2. You can easily see a rough of skew and the spread of data.
  3. If the median line doesn't divide the box in equal than you can say data is skewed.
  4. You can see in which percentile the mean value falls.


So yeah guys, this what Box and Whiskers chart is. We learned how to create Boxplot in excel 2016. Before excel 2016, it was not easy to create a boxplot in excel. We had to do a lot of work to get a useful and accurate box and whiskers chart. In excel 2016, the box and whiskers chart was introduced like many other chart types.

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