Why Is Your Excel Formula Not Calculating?

When we enter a formula, for example=A1+A2 and it happens that Excel does not calculate the result. Instead the formula just stays as it is, it might be possible that there is some strange option that has been chosen by accident. There are several ways to correct this.

      1. Its possible that the cell formatis probably set to Text so we need to set it as general.

    • For this you can click Ctrl + 1 on the keyboard.
    • Click on General
    • Click on Okay



Another way is:

    • Select a cell and right click with the mouse.



    • Click on Format Cells.
    • You will get a pop up which is the format cells dialog box.
    • Click on General and click on Ok.



        2. We can also check options. It is possible that Auto Calcis switched off.


      For this you need to follow below mentioned instructions.

    • In the Excel Ribbon, Click on the Formulas tab.



    • Click on Calculation Options
    • Click on Automatic



    3. There can be another issue also wherein a key is pressed by which a formula is displayed instead of the result. If CTRL + ~ is pressed then it would show the formula instead of the result.



If this happens while working on excel, then we need to press CTRL + ~ on our keyboard which will bring back the excel file to normal mode and then we can see the result.



So if the formulae do not calculate, we need to check all the above scenarios so that we can correct it and make the formulae work again.

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