Enter Date Based On Initial Date Through Data Validation

Enter Date Based On Initial Date Through Data Validation

Original Question:-

I am looking to use data validation list to drop down menu & make sure that dates entered into the spreadsheet fall into a specific range based on an initial date.

  • I want the date entered into column L to be within 3 days of the date entered into column A*.
  • I have tried using an absolute reference on column A ($A2) so that L2 refers to the date in A2, and L3 refers to the date in A3, but so far the data validation only works for L2 and not any rows below it.

How can I resolve this issue and only use one data validation command (so that it continues referencing each date in the column without creating an individual command for each date)?

Following is the picture of column A wherein the data was entered when the patient visits for the first time:




We need to follow the below steps:

  • Select the range in column L till we want to apply data validation
  • Press ALT + D + L shortcut key to launch Data Validation dialog box
  • From Settings tab click on Allow drop down & select Date data validation
  • Select between in Data drop down
  • In Start date enter reference cell as $A2
  • In End date enter reference cell as $A2+3




  • Click on Ok button

After taking above steps; column L would automatically takes date as per the above formula i.e. +3 days from column A




In this way we can enter date based on initial date through data validation.

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