Creating Column Charts in Excel follows a few Simple Processes

In this article, we are going to learn how to create column charts in Microsoft Excel.

Creating column chart is the job of professionals who want to distribute data in discreet display. When data is in tabular form, it looks boring and uninteresting. But for office presentations, you have to bring things in positive light and make them interesting so that they catch the attention of your clients. Column chart excel is quite an easy thing to prepare if you know about the few clicks that have to pass through a list of processes.

How to create Column chart?

First, the data will be provided in table. You have to transfer the data into column chart so as to make it informative and visually pleasing. Now the finished chart can be presented in meetings or as boardroom presentation or as research paper or as web page. To prepare the charts in Excel, you have to find data and open it in Excel.

Let’s understand with Example:-

We have No. of sales data Agent wise, so we want to present the no. of sales through graphical image.


image 1


To insert the chart, follow below steps:-

  • Select the data range.


image 2


  • Go to Insert tab > From the Chart group > Click on Column chart.


image 3


  • When you open the ‘column’ chart, you will get a number of column charts. You have to pick the type of column chart that you want.


image 4


Now, after you have finished creating the column chart, review the chart. This will ensure that you do not leave any important point. If you desire, you can make any modification to the chart so that the chart looks better.

If you do not want any modification, then press the undo button which will help you return to the previous step. Do not forget to save often when working on data. Remember, when you enter the column chart option, you get a number of options which help you create a chart that you want. This helps you design the chart in a way you feel most presentable.

You have to know all the tips and tricks of formatting charts in Excel. Excel tutorial will help you with a lot of suggestions. However, you have to act precisely while using all the function keys in Excel so that you can create charts exactly the way you want.

Sometimes, columns and bars may look boring. Therefore, it is better to use various markers to show the maximum and minimum points. This will help the chart look neat and clean. Otherwise, you may also use an arrow to show the special points. When you open the Chart Creating Option, you get many options whereby you can create the chart that looks presentable.

Follow below steps to make the chart more presentable by using the chart options:-

  • Select the chart.
  • In main ribbon, you will see 2 contextual tabs are appearing.


image 5


To change the formatting, you can use the Format tab, and design tab will help to do changes in charts.

If you think that the options are limited to column and bar charts, then you are wrong. The options are many but you have to know the processes of creating the different charts. When you consider bar chart in excel, then it is quite easy to display the values for the various groups to show the comparison. This is easy to show the differing numbers for two different things so that you can draw a line between the two different things.

Hence, it can be said that once you know how to create charts in Excel, you learn a great deal of things so that you can improve your presentations and hone your representing skills.

image 48



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