Conditional Formulas in Excel- Spare the Hassle

An overview

Everything in Microsoft office package is made to save the time of the users and to handle the sophisticated data entry jobs perfectly. The excel sheet 2010 comes with the popular “formula” option to make the work of the individual easy and hassle free. The formulas are designed to cut down the human errors while entering and calculating the values of sophisticated maths.

How to use the formulas in excel sheet?

Each new and old sheet of excel 2010 contains a formula bar as in the lower versions. This formula bar is well located below the ribbon menu strip. You may identify the bar with the “fx” symbol mentioned in the bar. There are infinitive formulas that can be run in the worksheet, whose detailed explanation goes out of the domain of this article space. So, let’s explain some easy to use formulas in the excel sheet 2010, so that you get a rough idea about the concept.

Steps Required For Applying the Formulas

Let’s start with a simple addition option.

  • Assume, you have already entered the price of the commodities in the goods store under the “price section”.
  • Now, you wish to add the total prices of the goods mentioned in the spreadsheet.
  • For this, you will need to choose the empty cell just below the last cell where the price is entered.
  • Now, write =SUM(C2:C10)  and press enter. The sum total of all the prices mentioned from the cell C2 to C10 is displayed in the C11 cell. Here, the C2-C10 can be replaced by the actual addresses of the cells where the prices of the commodities are entered.
  • Now, let’s move on to a bit more sophisticated calculation. Supposedly, you need to calculate the VAT tax on the price of the each given commodity at the rate of interest 19.7%.
  • All you have to do is go to the first cell adjacent to the cell where the price of a commodity is entered. Now, put the formula =19.7%*C2 and press enter button. This will give you the 19.7% of the price. You can replace the value of this % with the value of your choice.
  • Now, to apply the same formula for the rest of the prices mentioned in the left side of the VAT column you just need to select the cell where the VAT is already calculated and drag the cursor to the last cell adjacent to the last cell of the entered price value.
  • The formula automatically gets applied to all the prices mentioned and is displayed under the VAT column.

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