Data Validation in Excel

Original Question:-

How to stop user from entering space before or after string?

I do not want user to make any mistake i.e. there should be no space before or after any string. Formula should let user update with error message.

We can use either TRIM or combination of NOT, OR, LEFT & RIGHT functions in custom data validation in Excel.

We need to follow the below steps:

  • Select the range
  • Press ALT + D + L shortcut keys
  • From Settings tab click on Allow drop down & select Custom
  • In Formula box use =A1=TRIM(A1)

Custom Data Validation


  • The other formula is =NOT(OR(LEFT(A1,1)=" ", RIGHT(A1,1)=" "))

Custom Data Validation 2


  • Both the formulas will work & will not allow any space before or after the text.

In this way we can stop user from entering space before or after string in data validation.

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