Remove TimeStamp in Excel

To remove the time portion in date time stamp in a cell in Excel, We need to change the formatting of the cell in Excel 2016.

Format cells in Excel change the appearance of value without changing the value itself.

We will use INT function along with format cell option.

Syntax of INT:


Let’s learn this by an example.

Select the B2 cell and use the shortcut key Ctrl + 1 to open Format cell option.
Select Type of Date from Date option in Category.


Click OK.


We can still see the Time in fx box of the B2 cell. We will use INT formula

Use the Formula in C2 cell


Press Enter

Now use Copy the value and Paste by values option in D2 cell to get the desired result.

To conclude, you can see in the above snapshot that the date format has been converted to show only the date without the time.

Use DATEVALUE Function to Remove Time From Date in Excel

The DATEVALUE function will get numeric value. This will exclude the time and only date will remain.



Use TIMEVALUE Function to extract Time From Date in Excel

The TIMEVALUE function will get decimal part from timestamp. You, can use it to get only time.


you can subtract it from timestamp to get only date.


Hope you understood how to convert timestamp in Excel. You can perform these tasks in Excel 2013 and 2010. Find more articles on Format cells here. Please state your any unresolved query in the comment box below. We will help you.

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Users are saying about us...

  1. If you have an entire column of dates from which you want to strip the time, here is an easy way:

    1. Select the column.
    2. Choose Format Cells.
    3. Choose number and set decimals to 0. Click Ok. All of the dates will change to a numeric value. Don't panic.
    4. Choose Format Cells again.
    5. Choose date and mm/dd/yyyy. Click Ok and your dates are back, but without times.

    • Use the function =Trunc()
      1) Only in Date, =Trunc(A2), This removes the decimial portion of the date/time and leaves just the date. format as desired.
      2) Only in Time, =A2-Trunc(A2), This calculates the integer portion, then deletes that from the total, leaving only the decimal (time). format as desired.

  2. Ariadni Gokila

    Hello, everyone!
    Can anyone help me convert to date and time (year/month/day hour/minutes/seconds, ie without the day of the week) a timestamp like this : "Fri May 24 11:07:19 2019"? As you can see, the year is mentioned last, after the hour and minutes, and the solutions above did not help, unfortunately...
    I have a whole row of those and I cannot even sort them.
    Thank you a lot in advance!

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