Dynamically Filter Data from One Worksheet to Another in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, you will learn how to get dynamically filtered data from one worksheet to another using Microsoft Query.


Let us understand with an example:

We have Sales Report for US States for each year.
The idea is to filter the data in Master workbook for years greater than or equal to 2010. If we will do this step manually, we will not get the updated data as modify or enter new rows of data in Master workbook.

You need to follow the below steps to get result:

  1. Select range A1:C43 & press CTRL + F3 to define name as DataRange


  1. Select the range A1:C43 & press CTRL + T to make dynamic table.


  1. Open a new worksheet and go to Data tab


From Get External Data group, click on Other Sources & then select From Microsoft Query

  1. Select Excel files and click on OK


  1. Select the path where Master workbook is saved & click on Ok
  2. The following window will appear


  1. With Data Range appearing in the left hand side panel, click on the plus sign
  2. Select the fields that you are interested in.
  3. Click on Next


  1. Click on Year in Column to filter box


  1. Click on the first drop down & select “is greater than or equal to” and enter value as 2010 in the second drop down


  1. Click on Next twice
  2. Click on Return Data to Microsoft Excel & click on Finish


  1. The Import Data window will appear. Now, click on OK to view the filter list.


The data on the Output sheet will show data from year 2010 onwards, and this will be linked to the Master workbook. Even if you add rows in the Master file or modify the data; now in Output sheet, you need to click on Data tab & click on Refresh All
The result would be updated automatically in the Output sheet.
In this way, you can get the updated values automatically using Microsoft Query, meeting certain criteria.


  1. Thanks,
    when choosing the workbook I get a message of
    "Cannot update, Database or object is read-only"
    I've check that it's not read only, and searched for any restrictions
    on data and didn't find any.
    Any idea why I get this message?

  2. I am having the same problem as Trisha (14th August post) in that my output is not updating. I am within the same workbook, therefore transferring data from the base data to a new worksheet. It does it the first time, but when add a test value it does not update. Can you please help me? Thank you.

  3. Thanks for posting how to use this tool! I do have a question though...when I close out of the workbook and reopen it later it will not continue to update the output sheet. I tried it again and this time saved the microsoft queries and again it works but when I close it and open the sheet again it still will not continue to update. When I look at the existing connections in the data tab I can see the connection names but it says "(blank)" underneath it, and when I look at the connection properties it has no connection file. Not sure what I need to do.

  4. This was soooo helpful -- thank you!
    My question is whether there is any way for the Output to include the formatting from the original worksheet? I.e. font color or cell fill color?

  5. This works like a dream, but Is it possible to control the formatting on the output, currently whenever a refresh is done it reverts to a different format.

  6. Hey,
    After you complete this function "Select the range A1:C43 & press CTRL + T to make dynamic table." the table becomes blue. Is there any way to change the color or remove it.

  7. OMG!!! What a relief!!! I can't begin to say how long and how many sites and videos I looked at to figure this out. Thanks a million this has helped me so much. Thanks again!!!

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