Find All Cells that have Data Validation in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, you will learn how to find all the cells that have data validation & find out same data validation.

While working on large workbook created by other person & you want to find & change any specific data validation & since the worksheet is very large, there are chances that you have forgotten the cells in which you have applied the data validation. To track the data validation, you can use Go To Special command.


Let us understand with an example:

We have created a Data Validation for all the months & we want to find all the data validation.
To get all the Data Validation, we will follow the below steps:
Click on Home tab

From Editing group, select Find & Select
Click on Go To Special
Or you can press F5 to open Go To Special command
Click on Special

Select Data Validation & click on ‘All’ button
Click on OK button, and you will find all the cells that contain Data Validation have been highlighted.
If the sheet contains multiple data validation results & you want to find out specific data validation, then you need to follow the below steps

Open the Go To Special command

Select Data Validation & click on ‘Same’ button
If any cells contain matching data validation, they will get highlighted.

In this way, you can find out the cells that contain data validation.

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