How to Add Years to a Date

If you want to add years to a date in excel, you can’t just simply do an addition to add years. If you add 1 year as a number to a date, it wil add 1 day. In excel, 1 is equal to 1 day (24 hours). If you add multiples of 365 to a given date then it will give an incorrect answer, since there can be a leap year in between. To add years to a date in excel, we use a formula.

Generic Formula

=DATE(YEAR(date)+num_years, MONTH(date),DAY(date))

Date: the date in which you want to add years.
Num_years: the number of years you want to add.
Example: Add 5 Years to Start Date.
Here we have some dates. In each date we need to add five years.
Write this formula in cell B2 and copy it down the rows.


This returns a date 5 years ahead of start date.
How it works?
It’s simple. We extracted year, month and date from date using function of same name. Added 5 to years YEAR(A2)+5. And then integrated year, month and date using DATE function of excel. This gave us a new date of 5 years ahead.
How to subtract years from date?
Just replace the addition sign with subtraction sign (“-”) subtract years from a date.


Above formula will give you a date exact 5 years before.

So yeah guys, this how you can add years to a date in excel easily. In example I have used hardcoded years. You can also give reference of cell so that it can be dynamic. Let me know if you have any query regarding this or any other topic of Excel and VBA.

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