What is CSng Function in Excel VBA

The SCng function is a VBA function that converts any data type to a single-precision floating-point number ("given that it is a number"). I mostly use CSng function to convert text formatted numbers into actual numbers.

Syntax of CSng function:


expression: It can be any expression. A text or a method that returns some values.

Here's one Example:

Convert Text to Number using VBA

Sub TextToNumber()
 stri = CSng(stri)
 debug.print stri
End Sub

The above VBA snippet will convert the stri into a number. A similar function CDec. The CDec function converts given expression into a decimal number.

Another Example of  CSng function:

Change Text to Number Using VBA

That's it. This is what CSng function does. I hope it was helpful. If you have any other query regarding this function or any other VBA related query, ask in the comments section belo2.

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