Getting Drill-Down Details in Excel 2007

DrillDown in Microsoft Excel

In the PivotTable report, select a cell in the Values area for which you want to get the drill-down details and double-click the cell.(or- double click the cell in the Values area Details)

Drilling down the data into large amount of data in a PivotTable will always remain a time taking process as it involves collapsing, expanding and filtering.When we work on pivot table to make a summary of the data, each number in the Values area represents one or more records in the pivot table data source.We can create a list of the related records with Show Details feature on a new worksheet.

In this article, we will learn drilling down the data with pivot table in Excel. Drill down feature is available in Excel 2007, Excel 2010, 2013.


Let us take an example:

  • We have customer’s data for the years 2012 & 2013.
  • Year is mentioned in column A, Customers in column B, State in column C, & Total Sales in column D in Data Sheet.




  • We have to make a pivot table in the next sheet where we want to know the count of customers in a particular state.




  • If someone asks to show the details of customers in CA State then we only have to right click on the count of numbers i.e. 72& click on Show Details or you can double click; both will create a new sheet with details.




  • A new sheet will be created with all the details of CA




If your boss asks you to show any particular field details immediately then you can use Show Details feature of pivot table. In this way, we can use drill down feature of Excel to save our precious time. A new sheet is automatically inserted with an itemized data list showing all rows included in the selected cell.

image 4

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